Fast Cycling Linear Assembly System LS280

The advantages of the LS280 and its extremely high productivity result from a completely new, elegant operating principle. It combines a rotary indexing table with a transfer system, i.e. a cam drive and belt system. This leads to a radical reduction of transport times and absolutely jerk-free - at up to 60 cycles/minute.

Indexing pitches:

Workpiece exchange times:

Positioning precision:
70 mm, 140 mm, 280 mm, 560 mm

Pitch 70 mm: approx. 0.4 sec.
Pitch 140 mm: approx. 0.5 sec.
Pitch 280 mm: approx. 0.6 sec.
Pitch 560 mm: approx. 1.2 sec.

X/Y axis: +/-0.03 mm
Z axis: +/-0.06 mm
LS280 CL
LS280 CL

 · Cleanroom design (See air purity class 6 - ISO 14644-1)

· Fast cycle rates

· Short workpiece changeover times

· Sophisticated modular design

The LS 280 at a glance

  • Proven cam drive
  • Smooth, impact free motion sequence
  • Short workpiece exchange times
  • High positioning precision without additional stopping or indexing modules
  • High level of availability
  • Modular system design
  • Autonomous functional assembly cells
  • Adjustment of varying processing times
  • High degree of reusability
  • Stable steel fabricated base frames
  • High reliability
  • Maintenance free
  • Complete functional and quality inspection
  • Short realisation time
  • Fast build-up assembly
  • WAS - WEISS Application Software for easy and fast start-up
  • Convincing price / quality ratio
  • ESD-capability