Fast commissioning, maximum operator convenience


Intuitive web-based operation
The new WEISS software elegantly combines ease-of-use with highly intelligent control technology. Thanks to its integrated web server, all settings on the EF2 can be made easily and conveniently using a standard browser on a PC – no separate software is required. This allows the commissioning process to be completed in record time, while further engineering work is
reduced to a minimum.

Hardware and software. Made for one another.
Since the rotary indexing table, the control system and the software all come from a single source, they have been specifically designed to work perfectly together. The size of the control system has also been reduced to a minimum, so it now requires only minimal space in the control cabinet. The compatibility of the EF2 with various types of mains supply provides a further guarantee for trouble-free use across the globe.


Get the rotary indexing table, control system and web-based software from a single source – to ensure perfect interaction.


Optimised performance comes as standard
Independence from the machine control system allows precisely clocked processing of the commands assigned at all times. The WEISS rotary table can there- fore be ideally positioned for the next start signal.  

Simply switch on and forget
When using the EF2, the electromechanical tables from WEISS are virtually maintenance-free throughout their entire service life. This is why we have extended the warranty period for TC rotary tables to a full four years when used in combination with the EF2. When using conventional braking motors, the brake needs to be checked and/or readjusted after around 1.5 million cycles. However, this process is completely eliminated with the EF2. The system also starts back up gently following an emergency stop, thereby protecting the gearing.


Greatest operator convenience for electromechanical rotary indexing tables: the EF2 frequency converter control system has been specifically developed to work perfectly with all WEISS rotary indexing tables in the TC range (right-hand figure) and TR range (left-hand figure).

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