A new dimension in linear technology


New HG 25 and HG 12 linear motor axes based on aluminium profile 

Get the latest linear technology at an unbelievably low price. Through intensive development work and a significant reduction in production costs, we have succeeded in reducing the price of our HG axes to the same level as spindle and toothed belt drives. These axes also offer all the advantages of direct drive. 

Typically WEISS

The new HG linear axes are a typical WEISS product: robust, durable and, thanks to their direct drive, extremely dynamic, precise and compact. WEISS offers two models: the HG25 with 180N and the HG12 with peak force of 110N. The maximum acceleration of both versions is 40m/s2

As affordable as a toothed belt or spindle drive, yet more precise and compact

Costs are a key issue in many applications, which is why spindle and toothed belt drives are still so popular. However, the new HG axes have what it takes to cause a paradigm shift in the field of automation by providing linear technology at the same price point as conventional drives – while offering significantly greater precision and a more compact overall design. 

Improved design

In addition to this, our engineers have given the new HG axes a cover for the aluminium guide profile – thereby providing optimal protection from external influences and extending service life. The high degree of rigidity offered by the axis is achieved through use of a wide aluminium base profile (120mm) and a large distance between the two guides. 

Simple installation, simple commissioning

The HG axes are designed in such a way that customers can use the same, familiar attachment options they know from toothed belt or spindle axes. Almost every workshop has clamping claws and sliding blocks – and if not, they can be supplied by WEISS together with the products.

The intuitive commissioning software also comes directly from WEISS. The WEISS Application Software makes setting up motion sequences a breeze. Alongside the software, the product also comes with a servo controller, a fieldbus interface and a set of cables to provide even greater convenience.

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