Up to 30% more output thanks to new commissioning software for multi-axis systems


With the enhanced W.A.S. 2 commissioning software, WEISS enables intuitive operation of complete multi-axis systems. The speed of the entire system is boosted by up to 30% thanks to optimised process communication.

WEISS, the specialist for rotary indexing tables and automation solutions, is forging ahead with its mechatronics development strategy with the WEISS Application Software (W.A.S. 2) presented at the Motek trade fair. This software allows the simple integration and intuitive operation of entire multi-axis systems, enabling any number of units from the WEISS component range to be controlled via a clear and elegant user interface. All system combinations – electronic or servomechanical rotary tables with directly driven rotary or linear units – are possible.

Intuitive operator concept from WEISS: The elegant interface of W.A.S. 2 is not only available as a Windows application but also as a dedicated web interface for use with mobile devices.

The secret to the system's success lies in the interconnectivity of the components. Communication with handshakes via the higher-level control system has now been replaced by direct communication between the various modules, thus saving valuable process time and significantly increasing the cycle rate of the complete system. A time saving of up to 30% is realistic for high-speed applications – which also has a proportional impact on output.

The new control platform also offers real advantages in systems where only a few units are fitted, for example in tilt-turn applications. Where previously only one rotary table with counterbearing was used, two tables can now be employed simultaneously, allowing the customer to benefit from twice the drive power.

The WEISS engineers have paid particular attention to software interface design. Whether using the Windows programme, a web browser or mobile terminals, the interface is so easy and intuitive that no detailed control knowledge is required for commissioning. Even plant engineering firms without their own software specialists can set up their own modules without any problems.

Further advantages are the variety of monitoring and diagnosis functions as well as dynamic collision protection. Continuous position monitoring of all system units virtually rules out collisions during operation. Added to this is support for numerous fieldbuses and Ethernet buses.

W.A.S. 2 also offers real benefits when it comes to energy: the software enables precise energy analysis with minute-by-minute measurement and saving of energy consumption values, thus providing a reliable database for further energy optimisation measures. Even energy recovery is taken into account with an active power supply unit, resulting in savings of up to 50%.

W.A.S. 2 is the logical further development of the WEISS Application Software, which was launched back in 2005 and is tried and tested in countless applications all over the world. Now, in the form of W.A.S. 2, WEISS has delivered a revolutionary new version that is unparalleled in the sector.

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