Available now: WEISS launches the enhanced TC/NC rotary table series


The enhanced TC and NC series of rotary tables have been on sale since August. The new models offer a significantly larger central opening for feeding through cables and hoses while maintaining the same external dimensions, which in turn simplifies system design. Using a suitable WEISS control system even allows the cycle time of the TC range to be further reduced.


Larger central opening. Clever cable routing.

The central opening of the enhanced TC/NC series is dimensioned in such a way that several cables or hoses can be guided down directly through the table – a huge bonus for application design. There is even enough room for shafts or stands – e.g. for lighting or cameras.

The modified housing shape is now even more practical: here, an extra side opening has been added. Alternatively to the central opening, cables and hoses can now be fed out of the housing through the side. There is therefore no need for a borehole through the base plate for attaching the table.

New possibilities – unchanged connection dimensions

The TC/NC range is fitted in countless systems. It is regarded as the standard in a vast number of automation applications and is frequently fitted into existing engineering environments. The enhanced TC/NC range of rotary indexing tables was therefore designed such that all interfaces and exterior dimensions are completely identical to the previous models. Users can thus enjoy the key benefit of being able to use the table in their existing environments without the need for modification.

Reduced cycle times thanks to an intelligent control system

With the EF2 control system, which WEISS offers adapted to its electromechanical rotary indexing tables, the user benefits in two regards: because it reduces wear and maintenance requirements, WEISS provides a four-year warranty on the table when used in combination with EF2.

But perhaps the best thing about EF2 is a new software feature which, together with the installation of an additional rotary encoder, allows total cycle time to be reduced considerably. In the past, feeders or handling systems had to wait until the limit switch signal indicated that the rotating plate was at standstill before they could be set in motion themselves. Analysing the signal from the rotary encoder, however, the EF2 can now synchronise the movements of the table and handling unit. This makes it possible to already start the handling unit, despite the fact that the rotating plate is still in motion.

As a pleasant side-effect, the higher-level master PLC now detects the position of the individual stations at all times. This means that the production process can be started up again directly following an emergency stop, rendering time-consuming manual emptying a thing of the past. Until now, users had to retrofit additional sensor technology for this.

New servo motors with absolute position encoder

The EF2 is not needed for the NC range, as the user-programmable table is equipped with servo motors and can optionally be ordered with a matching amplifier instead. It can then be put into operation quickly and easily using WEISS software and parameters can be set with maximum convenience. The enhanced NC range employs a new generation of servo motors, which are equipped with absolute encoders. As a result, the system can be operated without any additional encoders on the cam.

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