WEISS Application Software W.A.S. 2

Intuitive operating concept: The stylish interface of W.A.S. 2 is available as a Windows program or via web interface for mobile devices.

Explore the systematic development of the WEISS Application Software. Easy, intuitive and for all WEISS automation components – even for complete multi-axis systems.


Plug & Work for individual or system modules

The new WEISS Application Software W.A.S. 2 lets you configure and control all your WEISS components with ease. Individually or in combination as a multi-axis system. All system combinations can be easily achieved: electro- or servo-mechanical rotary table with direct-drive rotary or linear units.

Maximum user friendliness

Whether via the Windows program, a web browser or on mobile devices, the interface is so simple and intuitive that in-depth control knowledge is not required for commissioning. Even manufacturers without their own software specialists will be able to set up the modules themselves.

Up to 30% more output

The various modules communicate directly with each other – without having to go through a higher-level control unit. This saves valuable processing time and the cycle rate of the entire system increases significantly. With high-speed applications, output increases by up to 30%.

Smart energy management

Other advantages include the various monitoring and diagnostic functions. And when it comes to energy: the W.A.S. 2 enables accurate energy analysis because consumption is measured and stored precisely down to the minute. There is even energy recovery with an active power supply.

W.A.S. 2-Advantages

  • Easy and fast commissioning of entire multi-axis systems
  • Plug & Work, even without specialist knowledge
  • Intuitive user interface via web browser, on mobile devices or PC
  • Output increased by up to 30% through shortened process times
  • Smart energy management for precise analysis
  • Monitoring and diagnostic functions