WEISS in Asia

WEISS Asia Automation Components Pte Ltd, or WEISS Asia in short, was incorporated in September 2009 and has been operational since December 2009.

WEISS Asia is the Asian HQ of WEISS GmbH, Germany and is strategically located in Singapore, which is the Asian hub for numerous global trade, financial and logistics companies.

Our mission is to provide efficient pre and after-sales support to all ASEAN and Asia-Pacific partners and customers.

The vision is to create innovative added value, allowing the main factory to attain shorter delivery times and reduced costs. This is made possible thanks to inventories and sub-assembly facilities located in the region.

WEISS Asia looks forward to growing together with our partners through close cooperation and aims to become a successful manufacturer of products for assembly and handling units in factory automation and production processing in years to come.

Technology that inspires!